• Keep proper records of meeting minutes; owners corporation register; accounting records;
  • fee notices; correspondence; bank statements; suppliers’ invoices; etc
  • Attend with courtesy to telephone calls from owners and other relevant parties.
  • Attend promptly to correspondence (letters; emails; faxes) from owners; solicitors; real
  • estate agents; tenants etc.
  • Prompt issue of owners corporation certificates and other documents requested by owners.
  • Prepare Notice of Annual General Meetings and Agenda.
  • Convene Annual General Meetings at venues and times convenient for owners to attend.
  • Chair Annual general Meetings if elected by Members.
  • Prompt distribution of minutes of meetings to owners.
  • Assist the Owners & Committee in the management of their owners corporation under the
  • Owners Corporations Act 2006; Owners Corporation Regulations 2007; & Sub Division Act 1988.


  • Open and maintain a separate bank account in the name of the Owners Corporation.
  • Prepare bank reconciliations.
  • Invest surplus funds in interest bearing bank accounts, if instructed by Committee.
  • Prepare annual financial statements within two weeks of the end of the financial year.
  • Arrange for the audit of financial statements of prescribed owners corporations.
  • Prepare annual budgets (for approval of the Chairman/Committee of Management if required).
  • Prompt mailing of Owners Corporation Fee Notices & Final Fee Notices.
  • Prompt follow-up of owners in arrears.
  • Prompt payment of suppliers’ invoices on day of receipt (to ensure competitive prices
    & prompt services from reliable tradesmen and service companies).



  • Maintain a bank of qualified & reliable tradespeople for repairs & maintenance.
  • Prompt attention to Owners’ or Residents ‘reports of repairs & maintenance matters.
  • Obtain quotations for approval of Committee or Owners.
  • Organise qualified building consultants to inspect and prepare reports to comply with
    relevant legislations eg Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004.



  • Act as authorised representative.
  • Obtain renewal quotations from insurance brokers.
  • Prompt lodgement of insurance claims for the Owners Corporation or Owners.
  • Attend to insurers’ requests/requirements to expedite claims processing.
  • Follow up the payments by insurers for insurance claims.
  • Organise qualified valuers to carry out property valuations for insurance purposes.